Cool Things To Do in Monterey

Monterey is one of the best places to visit in the USA. Here you have a variety of places to visit during the holidays or when you are of normal activities. I would advise you to visit.


Mile Drive

Enjoy a 17-mile drive at the Pacific coastline where you get a view of homes that have a multi-million dollar worth. You can have a walk at the Spanish shores and also get a chance to take photos with the lone cypress. You will surely fall in love with the place.


Monterey Bay Aquarium


The open sea gives you a chance to see jellyfish, sharks stingrays and different interactive exhibits ranging from reptiles, birds, and fish. Anybody who has visited can give credit for best aquarium


Carmel by the sea


It is located at pebble beach. Here we have many small shops, eatery joints, and great art galleries. You can have a walk on the shores while enjoying some attractive rays on the wide dog-friendly beach.


Whale watching


Whale watching is always exciting. At Monterey Bay, you can view whales any time of the year as they are always there the only thing that changes is that you might find them feeding the other time you find a whale with no beak or orcas.


Harbor Tour


If you enjoy viewing sea lions, you can explore the harbor with a cruise which is glass bottomed. This makes you see the town in a different way and moreover come close to Bay’s animals.


Historic Monterey


This is one of the oldest towns in California. Here you get a chance to view the oldest buildings of the authority, military settlement by Sebastian Vizcaino a renowned explorer from Spain


Cannery Row


This is one place that you can’t avoid. It refers to a mixture of aged cannery building which has said equipment used for processing and is next to comfy hotels. This makes it look more appealing.


Dali17 Museum


This is the largest exhibition in the USA that is privately owned. It has some work that can be rarely found with illustration and photographs from Dali fundraising that happened in a wild forest at night. There’s also a dog shelter nearby, visit the Italian greyhound hypoallergenic dogs there!


Watching sea otters


The good-looking otters can be best be viewed in Monterey. The world has had an extinction of oaters but they are still plenty here. They can be seen resting at the offshores of forest or wrapped in leaves. They can swim 300 feet down looking for food and come back with a shellfish.